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Job Responsibly:
  1  FPGA New project development:FPGA architecture design♩♪✿♬❉☴, FPGA logic design♩♪✿♬❉☴, FPGA RTL coding♩♪✿♬❉☴, synthesis,simulation♩♪✿♬❉☴, project verification.
  2  Existing FPGA code maintainance and optimization:Maintainance and optimize the existing code♩♪✿♬❉☴, optimize algorithms♩♪✿♬❉☴, upgrade code to support hardware updating.
  3  DMR documentaion writing:Generation DMR documents according to QA requirement.

1 Ph.D or master degree with minimum 5 years experience in FPGA development.
2 Proven experience on FPGA development♩♪✿♬❉☴, especially experience on large FPGA design project.
3 Proven experience on DSP algorithm design and implementation♩♪✿♬❉☴, optimization and validation on FPGA.
4 Familiar with up to date FPGA development tools and also FPGAs.
5 Proven experience on FPGA IP integration♩♪✿♬❉☴, system simulation and debug.
6 In-depth knowledge about processor interfaces♩♪✿♬❉☴, high speed interfaces (DDR♩♪✿♬❉☴, PCI-E♩♪✿♬❉☴, VME).
7 Majored in wireless communication or DSP is a plus.

1  Design & implementation of digital programmable logic (CPLD♩♪✿♬❉☴, FPGA) with VHDL or Verilog.
2  Familiar with FPGA design tools: Synplify♩♪✿♬❉☴, Vivado♩♪✿♬❉☴, ISE♩♪✿♬❉☴, Quartus.
3  Familiar with Xilinx/Altera FPGA architecture.
4  Hands-on experience in Ethernet/PCIe/DDR3/DDR4 emulation 5.Experience with simulation tools and debug process.

Quality Requirements :
1  Fluent in Chinese and English both verbal and written.
2  Good communication and problem solving skills.
3  Open minded♩♪✿♬❉☴, willing to collect and share information to solve problems 4.Responsible and committed♩♪✿♬❉☴, result oriented.

简历可直接发送至:hr@gvlpolymers.com 注明应聘职位+地点

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